Acting responsibly

Cité Marine aims to act responsibly throughout the lifecycle of each of our products.


When choosing fish raw material

  • In choosing its supply sources, Cité Marine gives preference to fisheries that have been proactive in protecting the resources made use of. 
  • We favour fisheries managed by quotas established collaboratively with scientific committees. 
  • There is regular assessment of the state of biomass and of the ecosystems. 
  • We favour fisheries that are more selective and that try to limit both the amount of fish thrown back into the ocean and the amount of "bycatch" of other species. 
  • We comply with, and improve on, the social standards in force in relevant countries. 
  • We have respect for indigenous populations and, in particular, for their access to and use of fish resources.

When choosing vegetable raw materials

Cité Marine gives preference to :

  • vegetable supplies coming, as much as possible, from local suppliers and growers, involving short supply chains. 
  • establishing direct cultivation contracts with the growers, to ensure traceability. 
  • vegetable supplies that come from rational agriculture, do not harm the land and, more generally, are environmentally friendly.


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