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The certification and eco-labelling programme of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) recognises the enhanced value of sustainable fishing. We work collaboratively with the fisheries, processing firms, scientists and environmental organisations to transform the market and encourage consumers to make sustainable choices when it comes to seafood.

A quality reference system that is recognised in the food-manufacturing market, with six basic components:

  • general management's commitment to the quality initiative.
  • the system for managing foodstuff quality and safety.
  • management of human and material resources.
  • planning and control of production processes.
  • measurement, analysis and continuous improvement.
  • combating the risk of harmful acts.

Thanks to an environmental policy, Cité Marine commits to :

  • Respect regulation,
  • Prevent accidental pollution.
  • Apply actions aiming to manage its wastse, its water and energy consumption, its wastewater rejections.
  • Prepare to ISO 14000.




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A quality and food-safety initiative

Cité Marine has, over many years, been establishing a quality initiative.

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