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Socially committed

A recruitment and employment maintenance policy

  • Non-discrimination in recruitment, and communication of a recruitment charter to all parties providing recruitment services.
  • Respect for male-female equality.
  • Aiming for a mixed-age workforce: inclusion and support for young workers, together with recruitment and maintained employment of "senior" staff.
  • Inclusion of disabled people in the workforce.

A health, safety and protection policy

  • Recruitment of a Protection & Safety Manager.
  • Undertaking risk assessments and diagnosing dangers, with establishment of a hardship agreement.
  • Adapting and improving workstations in collaboration with the occupational health function.
  • Establishing safety correspondents in each team, to try out and disseminate safety policies to the workers.

A social responsibility policy

  • Constantly listening out, at all levels of the firm. 
  • Establishing a social fund to assist workers in financial difficulty. 
  • Looking beyond the workers'
    wellbeing, Cité Marine commits
    itself to forms of action expressing
    solidarity, making available
    facilities at its logistical platform
    that can be used by associations
    assisting the workers.

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