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Cité Marine, the leading French provider of coated fish and prepared vegetables

Cité Marine was established in 1990 and has become the leading producer of breadcrumb-coated fish and other seafood. Seeking new developments has been at the heart of the company's policy for 20 years, innovations including a new range based on land-produced products. Safety and quality are also a priority, notably attested to by obtaining additional forms of certification.

  • An established presence and a market undergoing dramatic change

    Launch of the first breadcrumb-coated fish cooked throughout.

  • Product innovation, at the heart of our approach

    Launch of the first breadcrumb-coated fish cooked throughout, for company and organisational catering: a superb service product.

  • Investigating flavours and developing original features

    Launch of fish meunière products.

  • Listening to our customers and responding with a variety of products

    Cité Marine brought about a sharp break in the frozen-food counters by supplying a range of coated, naturally-cut, full fillets meeting family requirements.

  • Diversification in expertise: cooking land-produced products

    Cité Marine applied its expertise to preparation of an extensive range of frozen accompanying vegetables.

  • Partnership with Nissui, the world's number 1 producer of seafood products

    - Direct access to supplies
    - Secure and safe sourcing
    - Standardised product quality
    - Complete traceability of the raw material
    - Food safety.

    In other words: vertical integration.

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  • A third production location ensuring successful operations

    In late 2011, a third production unit was introduced, on the Kervignac site. The new facilities include a logistical platform with 40,000 m3 of cold storage, capable of holding 10,000 pallets, and there is an on-site quality-control laboratory.

  • Bluer than the sea and greener than nature

    For Cité Marine, this is more than an advertising slogan; it is the motto to which our efforts are directed, highlighting at the same time the company's commitment to sustainable development, the constant search for new features, and the winning frame of mind. When combined with the wellbeing of all our workers, the firm puts a high value on work, customer satisfaction and solidarity.

  • Seeking improved quality and greater safety

    Cité Marine's continuing efforts to improve quality and food safety resulted, in 2013 and 2014, in the company being awarded the upper level of IFS V6 certification and ISO 14001 (step 1). Cité Marine is now a major player in the general-public and catering markets.

  • Continuing improvement

    Extending the storage and dispatch platform at Cité Marine 1.

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